Top Ten Selling Tips

Make An Entrance
Take the time to wash down the outside of the home paying attention to the window sills, as a good first impression lasts. Next look at the front door, paint if need be and then ensure that the flywire screen is intact.

Bring Out Your Green Thumb
Once you have done this look back at the front garden and get this as neat as possible for a low maintenance effect. Weed beds, keep the lawns freshly mown and add some colour pots for a focus. Do the same with the rear garden.

Space Out
For some sellers this is the hardest part to DE-CLUTTER. Trust us this is the best piece of advice for setting up your home for sale. Getting rid of extra furniture will make your home look more spacious, concentrate on clearing hallways and walk through/traffic zones so it is easier for buyers to move around.

Maintenance Free
Now is the time to fix all the minor repairs you have been living with for years, to create a maintenance free look. Patch up paint, fix door handles, replace broken glass, leaking taps, sticking shower doors, tiling and replace all the light globes.

Time to Spring Clean
Give your home a thorough clean concentrating on the kitchen and bathrooms to make them sparkle. Next do the extras, including steam cleaning the carpets, floors and drapes, wash down walls and repaint if needed, and lastly but most importantly clean the windows to capture all the natural light you can.

Presenting Your Home
Getting the style right is a major part of the presentation, so if you do not live like a designer, then call in a professional stylist. Once they have worked their magic you can add your own touches of fresh flowers and soothing music, and may even reconsider selling.

A Fresh Approach
Fresh air and aromatic light filled living spaces go a long way to selling a home so make sure you open up the doors, clear out the pet odours, and introduce some pleasant scents; brew some coffee or get baking for delicious cooking aromas and you’ll have all the right ingredients for a sale.

Alfresco Entertaining
Organise your outdoor entertaining area and create a haven for alfresco dining. Everyone loves barbecues and summer entertaining with family and friends, so set the outdoor table and create a vision.

Don’t Forget The Garage
Usually seen as a dumping ground for unwanted furniture when selling, the garage can become inaccessible. Garaging the car and off street parking are important factors when purchasing a home, so look at a storage facility and whip the garage into shape.

Open For Inspections and Appointments
Once you have set the scene with the above points you need to ensure that the home is perfect for your open for inspections. Check every room for a last tidy up, open some windows, turn on all the lights, ensure the pets are outside, then head out and leave the agent to it.